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Dr. Szeszycki is a seasoned and successful dental expert witness assisting both Plaintiff and Defense attorneys with General and Specialty Dentistry matters.

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Case Evaluations and Expert Witness Testimony
  • Claims Due to Motor Vehicle Accidents, Chewing on Foods & Others Substances
  • Dental Billing and Collection Consulting
  • Dental Expert
  • Dental Expert Witness
  • Dental Fraud Investigation
  • Dental Insurance- False and Exaggerated Claims
  • Dental Legal Case Consulting
  • Dental Malpractice Evaluation and Opinions
  • Dental Malpractice Expert Witness
  • Dental Records Analysis of Private Patients
  • Dental Standards of Care
  • Dental Trauma Review and Review of Dental Trauma Claims
  • Dental/Implants & Periodontics
  • Dental/Prosthodontist
  • Dental/Restorative
  • Deposition and Courtroom Testimony
  • Evaluation for Dental or Medical Necessity and Appropriateness of Care
  • In-depth Case Evaluation and Analysis
  • Preparation of Expert Witness Reports
  • Review of Dental Trauma
  • X-Ray Interpretation


Case Review & Evaluation, Expert Witness Testimony

Today it is more important than ever to work with an experienced and independent expert who will work with you [and your team] to build the strongest possible case for your clients.  Experience has showed that a well written opinion can result in early settlement, avoiding costly litigation and court fees.  Utilizing testimony from an expert witness is a very powerful tool during litigation.  As a skilled dental expert, I can act on your case in a timely, cost effective fashion and support your case through trial with authoritative analysis, appropriate and /or necessary affidavits and compelling testimony.  All pertinent records will be reviewed and analyzed to produce a conservative, strategic, and well thought out opinion and included with the written report. 

Role of the Dental Expert Witness

In hiring individuals like me, attorneys can be given, for example, a 30 page report supported by pictures/x-rays that convinced a judge upon only glancing at the report to recommend settlement to the other side rather than setting a trial date. It can also mean finding a statement in a deposition given by the defendant dentist (“I just love doing extractions.”) to explain why he failed to refer for said extractions and in the process broke the patient’s jaw.

Rather than decipher notes that read as hieroglyphics to the non-dental professional (#3 MOD Supreme Ultra A3B Universal Flowable Vitrebond 1.7 cc 2% lido w/100,000 epi) when the patient/insurance company was charged for something entirely different (#3 CC) or to have the patient claim he/she was never referred for the visit to the gum specialist when in reality he/she was perhaps referred multiple times (#24 refer perio CT graft poss fren), attorneys can rely on dental experts like me to make sense of that which is written or perhaps NOT written as the case may be.

The paragraphs above are excerpts from the publication "Idle Thoughts on the Role of a Dental Expert Witness" by Sharon Szeszycki DDS PC.