Does Dr. Szeszycki prefer to work on behalf of the plaintiff or the defendant?

She has no preference. She will work on behalf of either and she will render her honest opinion of the case.

Will Dr. Szeszycki speak to the attorney for a few minutes without charge to discuss the potential case?

Yes, she would prefer that, spending five or ten minutes discussing whether or not she would be a suitable choice as an expert witness and considering whether or not she would have any conflicts involving the case such as personally knowing the defendant dentist.

When will Dr. Szeszycki give an opinion of the merits of the case?

She will want to withhold an opinion until after a thorough review of the treatment records and other evidence. She will want to see a clear trail demonstrating work below the accepted standard of care.

What are Dr. Szeszycki’s fees?

This will be discussed with the attorney at the time of the initial consultation, which will be done without charge as noted above.

Has Dr. Szeszycki ever had a felony conviction? 


Has Dr. Szeszycki ever had an actionable dental board complaint?


How long has Dr. Szeszycki been working as an expert witness?

Dr. Szeszycki is by profession a practicing dentist, and this is by far his primary employment. She has been called upon from time to time since the mid-1990s to render opinions as a dental expert witness.

Is her office large enough and suitable to be able do video depositions and accommodate both defense and plaintiff attorneys?


What is Dr. Szeszycki’s timetable for working on the case?

Understand that Dr. Szeszycki is a full-time practicing dentist, therefore meetings and work on the case will need to be fit in around her patient treatment schedule. A timetable will be mutually agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Whatever that timetable is, you can rest assured that Dr. Szeszycki will adhere to it strictly.